You Can Use Pen To:

Create an online Resume
Share the Lyrics of your favorite song
Post your undiscovered gem of a short story
Challenge String theory with a debate on Particle Physics
Share a poem
Publish an ebook
Share the Details your upcoming event
Design an about me page
Share a snippet of code with the open source community
Write an anonymous letter to the world
Share your screenplay
Brainstorm your next killer project
Respond to a tweet using more than 140 characters
Create a public list of resolutions and hold yourself accountable
Design a tutorial on how to use Pen
Have an anonymous bitch on why the x is so x
Create a backup of your blog post thats had the Digg effect
Signup for a page and leave it as the default (squat)
Complain about why Techcrunch got it wrong
Fill a page with Lorem Ipsum for the hell of it
Share the Meaning of Life with humanity
Share lecture notes with your class
Share a link like